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What’s Your Story?

Goblins lurk in dark tunnels, keeping a darker secret. Undead horrors guard ancient treasures in long-forgotten tombs. The king summons you on a mission of dire importance and utmost secrecy. Somewhere a great red dragon plots from atop his vast hoard.

These are all stories waiting to be heard–they only need us to tell them. Let me teach you how.

Let’s Play Dungeons & Dragons


I run Dungeons & Dragons games for groups, events, and businesses throughout the New York City area. You don’t need to prep anything–I travel to you with all the dice, books, handouts and supplies we’ll need for a great session.

Most clients fall into one of three categories:

New Players

You’re interested in Dungeons & Dragons but don’t know how to start. Maybe you’ve seen Netflix’s Stranger Things or heard about the Kickstarter-busting Critical Role animated series.

I will teach you. Starter sessions come with the complimentary Character Workshop–we’ll build characters together and learn to play D&D with activities, tip sheets, and handouts exclusive to Dice Told Tales.

Then, we’ll take your new characters and dice rolling skills on an adventure.

Ongoing Campaigns

You’ve made the journey from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep a few times and have the bugbear hides to show for it. Now you’re looking for a new Dungeon Master to guide your party on new adventures.

Whether you’re looking to follow published modules or immerse yourself in a homebrew world, I’m available weekly, monthly, or anytime in between to lead your ongoing stories.

Ready to commit? There’s special package pricing available for long-term campaigns.

Corporate Events and Parties

Are you a startup looking for a cool team event? Maybe you’re looking to break the birthday party rut. Or perhaps you’re an experienced player, but need a reason to take your new half-orc barbarian monk for a spin.

I’m available for any type of event in need of a DM. I can customize content to fit a theme or we can collaborate to framework a story setting for your players.

I’m always open to new RPGs and genres, from the horror of Bluebeard’s Bride to the sci-fi adventures of Starfinder.


New Players

  • 2-6 players
  • 3-hour session
  • Bonus Character Workshop
  • Free set of dice for every player
  • Custom character tokens
  • Tip sheets, handouts, and tutorial materials to take home


  • 2-6 players
  • 4–hour session
  • Custom character tokens
  • Homebrew or published settings
  • Play as often as you can gather
  • Special package pricing available


  • 2-6 players
  • 4-hour session
  • Bonus Character Workshop
  • Free set of dice for every player
  • Custom character tokens
  • One-shot standalone adventure
  • Customized content to fit your occasion

Ready to get started? Call to book your session at (646) 450-2008.

  1. Additional players beyond six may be added for an additional $75/person
  2. Additional time may be added for an $100/hour, subject to availability
  3. Pricing reflects customization time. Lead time to write collaborative content may be required.

Giving Back

A portion of income from every Dice Told Tales session is donated back to children’s literacy and storytelling charities. A core mission of Dice Told Tales is not to just play Dungeons & Dragons, but to celebrate the age-old cultural traditions of storytelling. I’m proud to encourage this great art both at the game table and out in the world.

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